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    Machine Translation vs Human Translation


    May 12, 2021

    The fictionalized robot, Hal, made his launching in 2001: A Space Odyssey virtually half a century back.

    More than four years later, it does not look like we have got to the degree of extreme intelligence that was portrayed in the film, yet we’re obtaining close. And the concept of a machine-ruled world appears less and less unlikely as Artificial Intelligence, or AI continues to advance. The tension between male as well as device is exceptionally palpable in the language sector, where many have anticipated that Machine Translation, or MT, will eventually provide human linguists out-of-date.

    There’s been a lot of speculation from industry experts, yet how do translators really feel about these forecasts? Besides, these are individuals that will ostensibly be impacted the most if AI does reach a degree of knowledge that goes beyond that of people.

    Is the Quality There?

    We obtained insights from translators that have a mixed 40 years of experience in the sector to obtain their take on MT’s high assets, quality, and downfalls. All three noted the constraints of MT, particularly when it concerns picking up on context.

    Standard texts might function, yet as soon as we get into technical, or worse, advertising as well as marketing or employee training, MT simply does not function. 

    Translators have seen lots of texts, which they had to check, where they basically needed to re-translate the entire job since it was incomprehensible.

    A translator who can translate Indonesian into English [translate bahasa Indonesia ke bahasa inggris, which is the term in Indonesian] confessed MT won’t succeed with clinical or literature messages, yet noted that the technology has come to a long means.

    Professionals think that the quality is getting better. A translator was asked by a firm to proofread a machine translation in an extremely technological area and the translation was rather good. When the terminology is set in the machine, the danger of incorrect senses, mistranslations, as well as vocabulary errors is lowered.

    And also, in this type of area, the translations are quite straightforward: small sentences, subject-verb-object.

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